Gas supplies for Kazakhstanis in safe hands

For the second month, workers in the domestic gas industry, like all Kazakhstanis, have been working in the announced emergency situation. Despite the difficult conditions, blue fuel to the inhabitants of our country, as well as transit and export deliveries, are carried out stably, without delays or interruptions. Gas workers also complete the heating season, which passed without incident or difficulty.

The coronavirus pandemic has set new tasks for the employees of the National Gas Operator KazTransGas JSC. The most stringent measures have been taken throughout the group of companies to ensure the safety of life and health of workers.

The bulk of the employees of the production branches of KazTransGas Aimak JSC, whose tasks include the direct supply of gas to consumers, in all regions of presence, are transferred to the remote operation mode. At the same time, operational and emergency teams of KazTransGas Aimak JSC, which is directly involved in gas supplies to the public, are always on duty around the clock. A number of current issues are resolved through telephone or electronic programs, for example, issuing technical specifications for gas connection. Data on meter readings is also taken remotely, and subscribers can also pay for the services of a gas company through payment terminals.

All employees working non-remotely are fully provided with protective equipment and protective clothing; disinfection is carried out several times a day at production facilities. Serious measures were taken in all branches to ensure the safety of employees, uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of the gas infrastructure.

The subsidiaries of Intergas Central Asia JSC, Asian Gas Pipeline LLP and Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP, which are the main carriers of blue fuel, for protection against COVID-19 coronavirus infection, for all employees, both at repair and maintenance sites, and for all those living in shift camps, daily preventive and sanitary-hygienic work is carried out.

One of the most powerful compressor stations in the country, Turkestan, can serve as a model, where every day the staff, beginning and ending the shift, undergoes a thorough medical examination. Measurement of body temperature is carried out, the state of health of each employee is monitored.

The gas company has prepared, if necessary, to deploy field infrastructure in areas where industrial facilities are located that are not located in settlements. And in the case of isolation of shift camps, tent camps, canteens, kitchens can be formed mobile, dry rations and everything necessary for life can be prepared for workers.

These strict but forced measures allow gas workers to ensure safe and uninterrupted gas transportation through all important gas pipelines of the country.

At all production and administrative facilities of the gas national operator special antiseptic agents for disinfection are installed. Daily work is carried out on the processing of premises and special equipment.

It should be added that all production facilities and shift camps of the group of companies of KazTransGas JSC are provided with a supply of water, food, essential goods, medicines, personal protective equipment and other necessary items for more than 2 months.

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