Goal of the environmental policy of Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP

  is a stable development of corporate Environmental policy and efficient environmental activity management system. Natural gas is the most environmental friendly fossil fuel.  On a permanent basis Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP supports a high level of corporate responsibility in the issues of environment protection and energy efficiency, besides Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP demonstrates the efficiency of Company environment management system functioning.

Primary target in the sphere of ecology

  the primary target in the sphere of environment protection is the continuous reduction of negative environmental impacts, as well as the continuous improvement of production indicators through using the best available technologies. With the purpose to comply with high international standards, management system corresponding the standards ISO 14001:2015 has been implemented in BSGP LLP. Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP adheres to the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as Rules of international standards in the sphere of environment safety.    The Partnership carries out actions purposed on minimization of environment risks and support of environment safety in the course of production activity.

Interaction with local population leading a traditional way of life

there is no population leading a traditional way of life in the regions of the company production activity.

Energy saving and increase of energy efficiency

with the purpose of the energy efficiency increase in 2018 in Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP energy audit for facilities of Beineu-Bozoy-Shymkent MGP linear part, Bozoy, Akbulak gas metering stations was performed. The following energy saving actions will be applied at the facilities:

  • use of frequency changers (FC) for decrease of electrical energy consumption at low operation modes of heating circulating pumps and energy carrier heating block (Akbulak GMS);
  • above ground sections of heating mains are provided with insulation from heat losses;
  • fuel and energy resources meters are installed;
  • use of air conditioners to maintain climatic conditions with automatic temperature regulator.

Environmental impacts of emissions

Atmospheric air as a result of BSGP LLP operation, about 47 types of pollutants are released into the atmospheric air.  The Partnership carries out active work focused on stabilization of environmental risks and ensuring environmental safety in the course of production activity, which are aimed at reducing methane emissions into the atmosphere. Emissions control policy has been developed and operates in BSGP LLP; it provides effective emission management in order to minimize environmental impact and enhance sustainable development within the framework of the Company’s Environmental Policy implementation. The main tasks of the Emissions control policy are as follows:

  • definition of principles regulating the approach to emissions control purposed on compulsory use in the entire company;
  • increase of environmental security of production, reduction of emissions;
  • rational use of the natural resources and prevention of leakages.

Increase of pollutant emissions into atmosphere is related to commissioning of Bozoy compressor station.

Greenhouse gases

greenhouse gases are produced naturally and play an important role in human survival and other living being, retaining part of the solar heat and making our planet liveable. One and a half centuries of industrialization, as well as continuous deforestation and application of certain agricultural methods have led to increase in greenhouse gases emissions into the atmosphere. Along with population growth and countries economy development, the volume of their greenhouse gases emissions is increasing. Below is a range of scientifically established patterns:

  • average global temperature directly depends on the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • since the beginning of the industrial era, the concentration of greenhouse gases has been constantly increasing, and at the same time the global average temperature is rising.
  • one of the main greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere is carbon dioxide – combustion gases of fossil fuel.

The rational use of resources and energy, minimizing the negative impact on the environment, managing greenhouse gases emissions, adapting to the climate change – these issues are gradually becoming crucial for the activities of Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP.

Increase of greenhouse gases emissions into the atmosphere is related to commissioning of Bozoy compressor station, as well as due to increase of the transported gas volume

Water Resources Management

the documented procedure “Water resources management plan” has been developed and implemented in BSGP LLP. The Standard primary objectives are:

  • determination of key management principles of water resources, designed for mandatory use;
  • ensuring continuous improvement of water resources management;
  • ensuring an uniform process of water resources management in the Partnership in contradiction to the existing practice of uncoordinated control by various subdivisions of water use for various demands of the Partnership (drinking, production, service-utility and other demands);
  • ensuring involvement of concerned parties in the process of water resources management in the Partnership.

Water intake is made from underground sources at Bozoy CS-1 from Artesian well. BSGP LLP does not implement the polluted waters discharge to surface watercourses.

Increase in water consumption is connected with commissioning of Bozoy compressor station.

Increase in wastes is connected with commissioning of Bozoy compressor station.

Waste Management

as a result of production activity of Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP, solid domestic and industrial wastes are formed.   All wastes are transferred to the specialized companies under the contract. Waste management system at the enterprise defines the processes of waste formation, their identification, requirements to their collection, packing and marking, if required, transportation, temporary warehousing (ordered arrangement) and storage. Basic principles in the sphere waste management:

  • responsibility for ensuring protection of environment components (air, underground waters, soil) against pollution of industrial and household wastes;
  • maximum possible reducing the industrial and household wastes formation and ecologically safe handling with them;
  • reducing negative impact on environment due to using of technologies and equipment, which allow to reduce waste formation.

Waste management is performed in accordance with the RK Environment Code, international recognized practice. The Company performs regular inventory, accounting and control on temporary storage and condition of all formed types of industrial and household wastes.

Environment protection measures

for effective management of ecological risks, Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP permanently improves the approaches to environmental management and allocates the required resources to environmental protection, in particular, environmental costs, including the payment of taxes for standard emissions, costs for environmental measures.

Increase in payment for environmental emissions is connected with commissioning of Bozoy compressor station as well as due to increasing the volume of transported gas.

BSGP LLP permanently performs an industrial environmental monitoring for evaluation of environmental situation and impact of production facilities on environment. Industrial environmental monitoring includes monitoring of emissions and impact on environment: atmosphere, water mediums, soils and radiation background.

  • instrumental monitoring of emissions release from fixed pollution sources of gas-fired equipment;
  • monitoring of air at the boundary of sanitary protection zone (SPZ);
  • examination of waste and underground waters;
  • examination of topsoil for heavy metals;
  • monitoring of radiation background of industrial facilities.

Henceforward, Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP will sustain a high level of corporate responsibility in the issues of environmental protection and energy efficiency, in addition, will adhere the Environment Code of RK and Rules of international standards in the sphere of environmental protection.