Message of the Chairman of the Management Board

Our way to safety

Starting the new labor year, each employee of KazMunayGas is required to assess his/her own contribution to improvement of labor safety and occupational health which promotes prevention of incidents and accidents at the working places for achievement of the higher level of safety and reliability.

Orientation towards improvement of labor safety and occupational health of KazMunayGas and contractual companies’ employees, as well as welfare of local communities – is the basis for the long-term success of KazMunayGas in the business.

We are keen to promote the culture of labor safety and occupational health involving all employees of KazMunayGas who share our main values, as well as our commitment to the integrity and perfection. We need your personal interest and support in achieving of this goal.

The culture of labor safety and occupational health always starts from the leadership. Leaders convey the behavior model to other employees, which in its turn creates the culture. Leaders also affect the culture establishing the expectations, creating the culture, training others and teaching to be personally responsible for the result. Such safety culture shall be an integral part of each management level in KazMunayGas. It shall be continuously strengthened and improved, and the issues of labor safety and occupational health shall be higher than other priorities.

Our main goal is to establish such conditions that KazMunayGas and contractual companies’ employees would every day return home safe and sound. We will always work on achievement of our goal – NO HARM JOB.

Understanding of the safe behavior culture includes consciousness of the own responsibility for the safe work performance except for compliance with regulatory requirements by the employee.

Our task at the current stage is not only to ensure compliance with formal labor safety procedures, but to inspire each employee of KazMunayGas for improvement.

That’s why not only mid and top level managers, but also the employees of KazMunayGas and contractual companies themselves should originate the leadership in the issues of labor safety and occupational health with the possibility to use all available communication means.

Development of labor safety and occupational health culture is a very long process purposed on continuous improvement. Complacency and self-assurance in the issues of safety is not permissible. Continuous improvement of labor safety and occupational health processes teaches employees to the discipline and sharpens the attention, which allows making all possible for achievement of the set goal.

For sure, no oil and gas company in the world including KazMunayGas can state that it achieved full success in this area.

Taking the opportunity, I would like to thank all employees for commitment and invaluable contribution to the future of KazMunayGas – as a stable and effective company, and wish safe work and success in 2018 to you and your families.

Best Regards,

Sauat Mynbayev