Reporting meeting of the First Leader of Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP with the labor team based on results of 2019 and tasks for 2020

On February 28, 2020 K. Kurmanaliyev General Director held an open meeting with the labor team.

Kanat Kurmanaliyev, General Director opened his speech with the suggestion to HSE Department to carry out briefing for prevention and contain of coronavirus outbreak.

Then, the General Director reported on the results of 2019 and tasks for 2020 to the labor team.

Positive economical indexes of the company have been pointed out. «ВВВ-» Long-term credit rating has been received from Fitch Ratings agency. Loan of China Development Bank has been refinanced at more beneficial conditions (by syndicate of banks: MUFG Bank, Ltd. and Bank of China), interest rate has been decreased from LIBOR3M+1,65% (saving in 2019 – 10,5 mln.$), financial covenants have been increased. Under IT-strategy implementation, works on SAP system implementation have been started, where the processes of financial accounting, management accounting, material flows management, projects management will be automated.

In September 2019 Shift camps have been also commissioned: Shornak, Karaozek, Aksuat, Saksaulsk. Construction of Beineu gas metering station has been completed. Throughput capacity of Akbulak GMS has been increased up to 15 BCMA. In accordance with the approved schedules, emergency and firefighting drills are being performed at the facilities operated by ICA JSC with participation of non-state firefighting services and representatives of the Partnership at site. Employees have been 100% provided with special clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment.

During the reporting meeting Kanat Kurmanaliyev represented tasks for 2020, which include execution of continuous control on compliance with the requirements of safety, occupational health and environmental norms at the facilities of the Partnership, as well as carrying out preventive measures and provision of all required protective means for employees in accordance with recommendations of RK Ministry of Health (coronavirus). Continuation and completion of all BBS MGP facilities construction (ERC, Beineu GMS, ARR, telecommunication and SCADA system) by 01.07.2020, expansion of capacity up to 15 BCMA and work performance on planting of greenery at all ERC, SC, CS.

In concluding the meeting, Kanat Kurmanaliyev summarized results of work and thanked everybody for the achieved results in 2019. He pointed out a great scope of work, prompt solution of many issues of the Partnership activity by the Chinese party, despite the difficulties related to coronavirus.

Mr. Liu Wanyu, Acting First Deputy General Director – PMT Leader also thanked all employees for the high performance indicators of the company, and pointed out the necessity to continue strict compliance with safety measures and prevention actions to contain coronavirus outbreak.

Kanat Kurmanaliyev, General Director appealed to take all efforts to keep and improve the performance indicators of the company.

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