Citizens of kazakhstan are used the gas at the price below of cost.

Over the last five years, the population level of gasification increased from 30% to 50%.

The number of kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other social and communal facilities connected to gas increased by 86.5% over the five-year period.

By May of the current year, the tariffs for gas supplied through distribution lines within the Republic of Kazakhstan for retail consumers have slightly increased; in the natural gas segment, growth was 1.5% (to 18.7 tenge per cubic meter). In the segment of liquefied gas, a slight decrease was observed: by 0.1% (to 155.8 tenge per kg).

At the same time, the price of liquefied gas supplied in cylinders increased by 2.1%, to 2,673 tenge per 50 liters.

The number of administrative-territorial objects in Kazakhstan, gasified with natural gas, reached 984 units, reduced — 14. The highest rates of natural gasification are expected in the West Kazakhstan region: 231 objects. Among the leaders are Zhambyl (178 points) and Turkestan (148 facilities) regions.

Recall that over the past five years more than three million Kazakhstanis have been able to use gas, and the level of gasification of the population has increased from 30% to 50%. KazTransGas JSC (subsidiary of JSC NC KazMunayGas) is the national operator in the field of gas transportation and gas supply in Kazakhstan.

According to KazTransGas JSC, today in Kazakhstan, residents of 11 regions of the country have the opportunity to use blue fuel. If five years ago there were 1,056,402 gasified lines in the Republic, by November 2018 their number increased to 1,777,394, an increase of a significant 68%. Thus, today more than 9 million Kazakhstanis use natural gas.

Over the past five years, the number of gasified domestic enterprises has also increased: from 23,725 to 44,189, or 86% at once. There were 1,635 large industrial enterprises, as of 2013, but by November 2018, the index had risen by 82.8% and amounted to 2990 enterprises.

The number of kindergartens, schools, hospitals, and various social and municipal facilities connected to distribution networks is growing. According to the data of KazTransGas JSC, the number of gasified utility enterprises in five years has increased from 22090 to 41189, or 86.5%.

Note: KazTransGas JSC sells gas in the domestic market at a price below the cost price, thereby supporting domestic consumers. Since January 1, marginal wholesale prices for for commercial gas have been reduced — within 17.5% depending on the region. “This allowed to reduce the final prices for electricity and heat in almost all gasified regions of the country. As a result, today gas sold in the domestic market is sold below cost, which is a deterrent factor to the development of the gas industry. During the period from 2014 to 2018, the national operator KazTransGas suffered losses in the domestic market of about 200 billion tenge. These are huge numbers that people should be aware of, said Vice Minister of Energy Magzum Mirzagaliyev at a round table in the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan. He recalled that gas prices for the domestic market are approved annually by the government.

In addition to gasification within the country, the national operator contributes to the growing importance of Kazakhstan as a supplier of its own blue fuel to world markets, and as a key link in the path of international transit. So, for example, this year, KazTransGas JSC resumed the transit of Turkmen commercial gas through the territory of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation via the Central Asia-Center gas pipeline.

The national operator was able to start transit through its gas pipeline system in record time: using the modern technologies and modernization of the Middle Asia-Center gas pipeline, the mode of transporting Turkmen gas was established and launched in just a few days.

According to the company, the volume of transportation of Turkmen gas to the Russian Federation through the Middle Asia-Center gas pipeline is 15 million cubic meters per day. Since the beginning of the resumption of transit through the territory of Kazakhstan, more than 220 million cubic meters of gas have already been transported. Previously, the transit of Turkmen gas through the gas transmission system of Kazakhstan was stopped in 2016. In early 2019, Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation reached an agreement on the resumption of gas supplies under the existing intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the gas sector until 2028. This allowed restoring mutually beneficial cooperation in the gas sector to three states at once.

It should be noted that in recent years Kazakhstani gas industry has undergone a large-scale modernization, and, according to experts, KazTransGas has become the most important and technologically most powerful operator of gas flows in Middle and Central Asia.

Recall that the production of natural gas in a liquid or gaseous state in January – April of this year increased slightly compared with the same period last year and amounted to 18.8 billion cubic meters, of which natural gas in the gaseous state amounted to 7.8 billion cubic meters and the commercial gas production – 4.3 billion cubic meters.

41.9% of natural gas production in the liquid and gaseous state traditionally accounted for the Atyrau region (7.9 billion cubic meters, + 1.3% for the year), 36.7% – for West Kazakhstan region (6.9 billion cubic meters, -2% per year), 12.7% – for Aktobe region (2.4 billion cubic meters, + 4.4% per year). At the same time, the main natural gas production in the natural state (88.2% of the Republic of Kazakhstan) accounted for West Kazakhstan region: 6.9 billion cubic meters. m (−0.7% per year).

The main operator of gas production is the parent company of KazTransGas JSC, the National Company KazMunayGas. KazMunayGas produces 28% of the total oil and gas condensate production and 16% of natural and associated gas in Kazakhstan, as well as provides 95% of natural gas transportation via main gas pipelines.

Source: EnergyProm

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